Waterfall Spa Treatments 9

This is actually not my article. I just discovered a very good article and here is the link:


I found out about this post. It enumerated 137 easy ways to pamper yourself. These ways are then divided to subheadings like connect, aromatherapy, seeking water to soak and splash, touch, spa at home treatments, taste, outdoor rest and relaxation, indoor rest and relaxation, savoring a warm beverage,  get physical,  thrill seek , books, entertainment, music, warm or cold, giving oneself a makeover, learn, eye candy,  home,  and travel. Post by Katie Morton. 

Some are actually very easy to do. Read them and find out how many ways we have to pamper ourselves and to recharge our batteries.

This is a complete guide for you to pamper yourself and relax. As many stressor there are, we also have many ways to fight fatigue or just to rejuvenate ourselves. Finding time to do this is important. We should give time for ourselves and not just to our everyday busyness. 

Tip #85 suggest that you get tickets to watch a comedy show. Give yourself a time to laugh out loud and you will be able to relieve yourself instantly. You release your tensions and stress with a good laugh.

If you love singing, just get your earphones and listen to your favorite tunes and sing along. Sing along with a group and you would surely have a great time singing along having fun at the same time. 

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