When we talked about being stressed out, the main thing that we blame is our problems. The logic is simple, if we don't have problems then we don't have stress and we are stressed because we have some problems.

Problems are part of our daily lives, we always have them. We cannot hide from problems. When we sleep, our problems stop for a while but after we wake up , we see our problems are still there. People's problems vary in degrees, others have simple problems, others have very complicated problems in life.

No one would want to have tons of problems in life, few problems will be enough for a day. Others would ran away from their problems, others faced it bravely. Some of our problems are caused by outside forces, some of our problems are our own creation.

Do you think there is a person or there are groups of people who does not have problems in life? Most of us think that rich people, does not have problem because they have a good life. The problem of the rich is where to spend their money. Their concerns are different from the poor. The poor worries about his next meal, the rich ones worry about their choice of next car or mansion to buy.

People have different forms of problems and not just money. Other serious problems may involve health and relationship issues. We can say others are blessed with more problems, others are blessed with less problems. Everyone on earth has a problem, those who does not have a problem are those people resting in the cemeteries because they are dead. They have no more affairs in life, no more cares about the world.

That is the reason why some people choose to commit suicide because they want to totally escape their problems. The only way to have a problem-free life is to find ourselves in the grave, total blackness and total silence.

The good news, however, is that not all problems are bad. Some problems can be actually blessings or opportunities in disguise. There are problems that are pure problems and there are problems that are actually real blessings, not revealing its true nature to you.

Life is full of surprises, sometimes blessings comes in ugly packages like problems. Good news about problems too is that they are seasonal or sometimes they really don't last. 

We do have regular supplies of problems in our lives every day but it does not mean that we cannot live happily because we have problems in life. Problems do come and go. When you do have some serious problems in life, just remember that it is temporary only. You experience problems because you are still alive. Be thankful for the life that you have. You should look at problems with positive mind. Most people overcome their problems because they look at the positive side of their problems or that their problems have a good purpose or reason why they have it in life.

Another point is this -blessings can turn to problems and problems can turn to blessings. It is a matter of talent and management. People need to learn how to manage their every day problems and expect their role in their lives. Our problems have roles too.

The difference we can have in this life is not whether we have few problems or more problems in life. The difference we make in this life is how well we manage our problems every day. Other people are given slight problems but they feel so overwhelmed and shattered. While others have plenty of problems and still manages to sleep and laugh out loud. Therefore, we can say that problems are just a matter of attitude, outlook, understanding and even our faith- on God, ourselves and our future.
Problems are Opportunities

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