Sleeping Bunny

I have been thinking of ways to fall asleep easily or very quickly, I have tried some advice before but they does not seem to work fast, but I have realized today, there are actually very simple ways to fall asleep easily.

I found 4 easy ways to fall asleep -  4 Strange (But Simple!)  Ways to Fall Asleep plus the one I discovered just last night.

4 Super easy ways to fall asleep easily

1. Make Your Sleep quarters super comfy- Super clean place, super comfy bed and pillows will surely make you sleep easily. If still you cannot sleep, go to number 2.

2. Check the light and temperature- Dim lights will surely make you fall asleep, also check the temperature of the room, a bit cold or chilly temperature is actually sleep inducing. If you still cannot sleep, go to number 3.

3. Follow a routine- One can take a warm bath, sponge bath first then blow dry your hair. Brush your hair 100 brush strokes so blood will circulate on your head. Pamper  yourself, add lotion or dusting powder. Relax 30 minutes prior to going to sleep. Do anything to clear your mind off. You can watch tv or listen to music using your earphones. If you still cannot sleep, go to number 4.

4. Last thing you can do- Do the progressive muscle relaxation-starting from  your toes up to your head, curl the toes then massage your forehead and apply menthol or liniment like White Flower embrocation-blend of natural essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint combined with wintergreen oil, menthol cyrstal and camphor. Then you can divert your thoughts and tired your eyes at the same time by playing computer games on your phone or iPad or read a good story from  your ebook or a pocket book. You see, unconsciously you can sleep very easily through this way.

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