1. feed your mind

read more, learn new things. watch less tv. surround yourself with friends and colleagues who can stimulate your mind. engage in healthy arguments. listen to good relaxing music. reflect on lessons learned. meditate, work puzzles, by educating yourself frequently, you will find that you will feel much more alive

2. take a vacation

a good vacation can help you reconnect with yourself and get back to feeling your best. you will be less likely to burn out and be more creative, productive and healthier. it can also strenghten your relationships, improve your job performance and relieve stress in lasting ways

3. drink water

water is the great panacea. drinking 8 to 10 glasses daily flushes down the toxins of the body, boosts the immune sytem and reduces health risks. drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. carry a small bottle round to remind you to drink more. and augment your water inatke by eating water rich foods such as watermelon, lettuce, cucumber and carrots.

4. get enough sleep 

look fresh and healthy by getting 8 hours of sleep every night, you need this  to produce the regenerate many essential body substances and to recharege your body. lack of sleep can make you irrtable and moody. it can also affect your memory and emotional response and lessen your ability to innovate, multi-task to make good decisions.

5. exercise

dont wait for a heart attack to strike. make the change today walking briskly for half an hour 3-4 times a week will make a world of difference to your health.

6. live your 24 hourse sensibly

you have only 24 hours daily. use your time wisely to keep your body and mind healthy and fresh. heres a simple guide on how to divide your 24 hours 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours for work, study or preoccupation; 1 hour for exercise, 1-2 hours for 3 big and 2 small meals and 5 -6 hours of personal time for relaxation, hygiene and relationship-building

7. feel good about yourself 
everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. celebrate. pamper yourself. wear clothes that make you feel good. believe in yourself and believe that you can do whatever task is at hand. do something good for someone. a general feeling of goodness is great for your well-being.

8. stay positive

positive people are way healthier and are less likely to stress out. avoid focusingo n worrisome thoughts. look for the silver lining in negative situations. think about happy memories and write about your great future life. smile, be grateful.

9. purify the air around you
take control of the air you breathe and spare yourself the risk of getting sick. get rid of dust mites by frequent washing of bed linens and vacuuming of carpets and furniture. fix leaking pipes to prevent moist air and molds, open a window when cooking, store trash properly. eat only in one place make the air around you at home or at work fresher and purer by putting plants around you- they can filter the air better than a macine. stop smoking to help purify the air.

10. laugh often
laugther is the best medicine. it not only triggers healthy changes in the body, it is also a great antidoe to stress, pain and conflict. laugh more and often, develop sense of humor, take yourself less seriously , it is fun, free and easy to use.

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