I know everyone is doing any one of these things. It's our way to combat stress everyday.

1. Read all you want!----Reading is very relaxing. Read novels, magazine, pocketbooks, comic books and the likes.
2. Eat all  you want!----Eating is very stress busting. Eat your favorite snack, eat your favorite junk food or anything that makes you happy but stop when you get the good feeling you want.
3. Play all you want!----Do you have lots of computer games, play with them it will surely help you forget.
4. Sing all you want!-----Do you have karaoke or microphone, sing all you want never mind if people will get annoyed of your voice.
5. Sleep all you want!---Put that to sleep right away. Cuddle your pillows. Forget your problems.
6. Watch all you want!---Watch videos, TV anything that can entertain you.
7. Chat all you want!---Find someone to chat to whether real or virtual. Talk nonsense, laugh with corny jokes.
8. Party all you want!----If there is a party place or bar to hang out- go and enjoy.
9. Shop all you want!----If you think you have plenty of money- go outside and think of something to buy for yourself.
10. Dance all you want!---Find the latest craze. Hide in your room so no people would suspect something is wrong with you. Put the volume high and dance to beat!

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