1. feed your mind

read more, learn new things. watch less tv. surround yourself with friends and colleagues who can stimulate your mind. engage in healthy arguments. listen to good relaxing music. reflect on lessons learned. meditate, work puzzles, by educating yourself frequently, you will find that you will feel much more alive

2. take a vacation

a good vacation can help you reconnect with yourself and get back to feeling your best. you will be less likely to burn out and be more creative, productive and healthier. it can also strenghten your relationships, improve your job performance and relieve stress in lasting ways

3. drink water

water is the great panacea. drinking 8 to 10 glasses daily flushes down the toxins of the body, boosts the immune sytem and reduces health risks. drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. carry a small bottle round to remind you to drink more. and augment your water inatke by eating water rich foods such as watermelon, lettuce, cucumber and carrots.

4. get enough sleep 

look fresh and healthy by getting 8 hours of sleep every night, you need this  to produce the regenerate many essential body substances and to recharege your body. lack of sleep can make you irrtable and moody. it can also affect your memory and emotional response and lessen your ability to innovate, multi-task to make good decisions.

5. exercise

dont wait for a heart attack to strike. make the change today walking briskly for half an hour 3-4 times a week will make a world of difference to your health.

6. live your 24 hourse sensibly

you have only 24 hours daily. use your time wisely to keep your body and mind healthy and fresh. heres a simple guide on how to divide your 24 hours 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours for work, study or preoccupation; 1 hour for exercise, 1-2 hours for 3 big and 2 small meals and 5 -6 hours of personal time for relaxation, hygiene and relationship-building

7. feel good about yourself 
everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. celebrate. pamper yourself. wear clothes that make you feel good. believe in yourself and believe that you can do whatever task is at hand. do something good for someone. a general feeling of goodness is great for your well-being.

8. stay positive

positive people are way healthier and are less likely to stress out. avoid focusingo n worrisome thoughts. look for the silver lining in negative situations. think about happy memories and write about your great future life. smile, be grateful.

9. purify the air around you
take control of the air you breathe and spare yourself the risk of getting sick. get rid of dust mites by frequent washing of bed linens and vacuuming of carpets and furniture. fix leaking pipes to prevent moist air and molds, open a window when cooking, store trash properly. eat only in one place make the air around you at home or at work fresher and purer by putting plants around you- they can filter the air better than a macine. stop smoking to help purify the air.

10. laugh often
laugther is the best medicine. it not only triggers healthy changes in the body, it is also a great antidoe to stress, pain and conflict. laugh more and often, develop sense of humor, take yourself less seriously , it is fun, free and easy to use.

I know everyone is doing any one of these things. It's our way to combat stress everyday.

1. Read all you want!----Reading is very relaxing. Read novels, magazine, pocketbooks, comic books and the likes.
2. Eat all  you want!----Eating is very stress busting. Eat your favorite snack, eat your favorite junk food or anything that makes you happy but stop when you get the good feeling you want.
3. Play all you want!----Do you have lots of computer games, play with them it will surely help you forget.
4. Sing all you want!-----Do you have karaoke or microphone, sing all you want never mind if people will get annoyed of your voice.
5. Sleep all you want!---Put that to sleep right away. Cuddle your pillows. Forget your problems.
6. Watch all you want!---Watch videos, TV anything that can entertain you.
7. Chat all you want!---Find someone to chat to whether real or virtual. Talk nonsense, laugh with corny jokes.
8. Party all you want!----If there is a party place or bar to hang out- go and enjoy.
9. Shop all you want!----If you think you have plenty of money- go outside and think of something to buy for yourself.
10. Dance all you want!---Find the latest craze. Hide in your room so no people would suspect something is wrong with you. Put the volume high and dance to beat!


 For us to understand the nature of stress we need to identify first the different types of stress. Based on the book” Stress management techniques: How to handle stress and thrive by Anna Michele Knight” below are the different types of stress which we can possibly encounter in life.

1.   Distress—this is basically the negative form of stress. It is similar to psychological and physical suffering. All of us have “comfort zones” meaning we have our safe zones, where there is not much trouble or pressures in life. This is the type of stress that we don’t want to have and we want to avoid as much as possible.

2.   Eustress-this one is exactly the opposite of distress otherwise a positive form of stress. It is similar to what they call as “adrenaline rush”. This is the type of stress that is important or necessary for us to reach our goals. We need this sense of urgency, to prompt us to move fast or act fast. It may push us to get out of our comfort zone and it is good because it can stretch our energies and abilities.

3.   Acute Stress—this is the short-lived stress as a result of sudden changes, changes in routine, changes in temperature, etc. Till we learn to completely adjust to these sudden changes the stress level lessens and fades.

4.  Chronic Stress—this is the long-range type of stress. It happens when changes are constant and one cannot adjust or adapt steadily over these changes. The stress is ongoing and most of the time this can lead to some serious health problems.

5.  Hypostress—a type of stress related to lethargy and boredom. You feel flat most of the time. You want see some changes but no change is happening. The stress is a direct result of boredom. Routines can sometimes cause Hypostress. It can happen when there are no challenges or everything is too easy for us.

6.  Hyperstress- A type of stress related to too much work, too much challenges. There are certain stressful things in life that is in excess or more than what we can actually do. This is one form of unhealthy stress when encountered often in life.

I have found this article in Expertscolumn about Self Massage by Athena.

Actually, I have not tried the tips yet that she gave here but at least I can get some ideas from here. Before hiring someone to give you a massage, you can actually be creative and do some simple therapy steps by yourself. We don't have to be professional to do it on our own. However, it is still best if you know someone or a salon that offer reflexology services, physical therapy or spa massage. They may cost you some money but it will be worth every single cent after that.
Sleeping Bunny

I have been thinking of ways to fall asleep easily or very quickly, I have tried some advice before but they does not seem to work fast, but I have realized today, there are actually very simple ways to fall asleep easily.

I found 4 easy ways to fall asleep -  4 Strange (But Simple!)  Ways to Fall Asleep plus the one I discovered just last night.

4 Super easy ways to fall asleep easily

1. Make Your Sleep quarters super comfy- Super clean place, super comfy bed and pillows will surely make you sleep easily. If still you cannot sleep, go to number 2.

2. Check the light and temperature- Dim lights will surely make you fall asleep, also check the temperature of the room, a bit cold or chilly temperature is actually sleep inducing. If you still cannot sleep, go to number 3.

3. Follow a routine- One can take a warm bath, sponge bath first then blow dry your hair. Brush your hair 100 brush strokes so blood will circulate on your head. Pamper  yourself, add lotion or dusting powder. Relax 30 minutes prior to going to sleep. Do anything to clear your mind off. You can watch tv or listen to music using your earphones. If you still cannot sleep, go to number 4.

4. Last thing you can do- Do the progressive muscle relaxation-starting from  your toes up to your head, curl the toes then massage your forehead and apply menthol or liniment like White Flower embrocation-blend of natural essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint combined with wintergreen oil, menthol cyrstal and camphor. Then you can divert your thoughts and tired your eyes at the same time by playing computer games on your phone or iPad or read a good story from  your ebook or a pocket book. You see, unconsciously you can sleep very easily through this way.
So many popular ways to help yourself to relax, including here is the use of perfumes or scents, essential oils or aromatherapy. You can find so many products now available in the market for essential oils. For example, Johnson's has this "Melt Away Stress Lavender" series of lotion, bed bath, baby oil etc. Are they really effective to calm your senses and help you sleep better?

If you want to relax, you can focus on one of your senses. You can relax through what you see, what you hear, what you feel, what you taste and what we smell. So, here you focus on your sense of smelling or what you can smell.

Obviously, you need to find soothing smells not powerful smells that would give you a headache. Meaning smells that not too strong. One that can promote wellness, better health. You can read this for information on Aromatherapy Scents Meanings and Effects

These are the best and common essential oils, scents and perfume to relax:


Find the best scent that will work for you.

Their aromatherapy effects include:

-calming or easing mental tension
-stress reliever
-soothing and relaxing properties
-sweet woody scents


When we talked about being stressed out, the main thing that we blame is our problems. The logic is simple, if we don't have problems then we don't have stress and we are stressed because we have some problems.

Problems are part of our daily lives, we always have them. We cannot hide from problems. When we sleep, our problems stop for a while but after we wake up , we see our problems are still there. People's problems vary in degrees, others have simple problems, others have very complicated problems in life.

No one would want to have tons of problems in life, few problems will be enough for a day. Others would ran away from their problems, others faced it bravely. Some of our problems are caused by outside forces, some of our problems are our own creation.

Do you think there is a person or there are groups of people who does not have problems in life? Most of us think that rich people, does not have problem because they have a good life. The problem of the rich is where to spend their money. Their concerns are different from the poor. The poor worries about his next meal, the rich ones worry about their choice of next car or mansion to buy.

People have different forms of problems and not just money. Other serious problems may involve health and relationship issues. We can say others are blessed with more problems, others are blessed with less problems. Everyone on earth has a problem, those who does not have a problem are those people resting in the cemeteries because they are dead. They have no more affairs in life, no more cares about the world.

That is the reason why some people choose to commit suicide because they want to totally escape their problems. The only way to have a problem-free life is to find ourselves in the grave, total blackness and total silence.

The good news, however, is that not all problems are bad. Some problems can be actually blessings or opportunities in disguise. There are problems that are pure problems and there are problems that are actually real blessings, not revealing its true nature to you.

Life is full of surprises, sometimes blessings comes in ugly packages like problems. Good news about problems too is that they are seasonal or sometimes they really don't last. 

We do have regular supplies of problems in our lives every day but it does not mean that we cannot live happily because we have problems in life. Problems do come and go. When you do have some serious problems in life, just remember that it is temporary only. You experience problems because you are still alive. Be thankful for the life that you have. You should look at problems with positive mind. Most people overcome their problems because they look at the positive side of their problems or that their problems have a good purpose or reason why they have it in life.

Another point is this -blessings can turn to problems and problems can turn to blessings. It is a matter of talent and management. People need to learn how to manage their every day problems and expect their role in their lives. Our problems have roles too.

The difference we can have in this life is not whether we have few problems or more problems in life. The difference we make in this life is how well we manage our problems every day. Other people are given slight problems but they feel so overwhelmed and shattered. While others have plenty of problems and still manages to sleep and laugh out loud. Therefore, we can say that problems are just a matter of attitude, outlook, understanding and even our faith- on God, ourselves and our future.
Problems are Opportunities

How do you look at money? Do you see it as a big stress reliever or a big stress giver? Money can become both, a solution for stress and a source of stress. Funny how we work so hard and stress our self out just to get all those money. After that we worry where could we hide all those money and prevent them from being discovered by others.

When you have money, you can afford all the luxury in the world, best clothes, best gadgets, best entertainment, best travel- everything under the sun. When you have few money or you have run into debts and your credit cards are already complaining, you also run into a lot of trouble. How we wish money cannot give us that level of stress? How we wish that we all have the money in the world so as to avoid so much stress.

Nevertheless, whether you have more or less, money will always be a source of stress. For those who want to learn to save more money you can read this: How do I save money? Let me count the ways. 

Now is the time that we free ourselves from too much attachment with money. Let  money problem itself! You can be creative and you can be free from the stress that money can give you. Start looking if money has been a great source of stress for you right now. Do something about it, maybe you are just being materialistic, learn to live simply and appreciate simple things in life. However, don't be lazy and continue to work hard for your money and learn to spend them wisely so you won't be wasting all your effort and hard work. 

Waterfall Spa Treatments 9

This is actually not my article. I just discovered a very good article and here is the link:


I found out about this post. It enumerated 137 easy ways to pamper yourself. These ways are then divided to subheadings like connect, aromatherapy, seeking water to soak and splash, touch, spa at home treatments, taste, outdoor rest and relaxation, indoor rest and relaxation, savoring a warm beverage,  get physical,  thrill seek , books, entertainment, music, warm or cold, giving oneself a makeover, learn, eye candy,  home,  and travel. Post by Katie Morton. 

Some are actually very easy to do. Read them and find out how many ways we have to pamper ourselves and to recharge our batteries.

This is a complete guide for you to pamper yourself and relax. As many stressor there are, we also have many ways to fight fatigue or just to rejuvenate ourselves. Finding time to do this is important. We should give time for ourselves and not just to our everyday busyness. 

Tip #85 suggest that you get tickets to watch a comedy show. Give yourself a time to laugh out loud and you will be able to relieve yourself instantly. You release your tensions and stress with a good laugh.

If you love singing, just get your earphones and listen to your favorite tunes and sing along. Sing along with a group and you would surely have a great time singing along having fun at the same time. 


If you want a complete and peaceful night of sleep it is indeed vital to learn how to clear the mind. Perhaps, many people have noticed that when there is too much going on their heads or their thoughts is running here and there, sleep is hard to come by.

When you go for a sleep therapy for example or a stress management counseling, you will learn more about the need to clear the mind to fight sleeplessness or insomnia. Therefore, what does clearing the mind means? Do you need to let your mind go blank or empty? Clearing the mind is similar to calming the mind, relaxing the mind or de-cluttering the mind.

If you try to study your sleep patterns, you can experience sleeplessness when you are worrying about something or is excited about something. You have an unfinished business going on in your head and until you resolved it or figured it out completely, you cannot easily drift to a good night sleep.

People can sleep easily fall into sleep when their bodies are physically tired but the mind seems to work longer than the body. Even if we are tired our minds seems to be active, alert and still wide awake. That is the time you can really experience a troubled sleep- when your mind is not at rest, your whole body cannot rest too.

You can find several advice or ways for you to shut off your brain prior to bedtime.
For few experiences with sleeplessness due to a stress mind these tips can really help. However, if the problem persists and you had more and more sleepless nights it is better to consult a sleep specialist.

Understanding the Brain States

It would really help you if you look at different brain states. There are about 4 brain states, the beta 
state, alpha state, theta state and delta state. The beta state is the state of alertness or state of being wide awake. The next state is the alpha state or the state of relaxation and visualization. At this point, the brain seems to slow down from the previous rapid brain wave state. Third state is the theta state or the state of memory and imagery. This is the state where you see images or some memories come to your mind. This is like the state of dreaming. You are quite awake because you remember part of your dream and you see images in your mind. You are in a dream state. This could be due to the reason that the mind is transitioning from being active to being less and less conscious. The last stage is the delta stage or the stage of deep sleep. At this point you are asleep already and have detached awareness. You no longer know what is going around.

If you look at these states, you will know you did not reach the theta state, when you don’t have a dream. Most people who had good sleep had remembered some dreams at night. That means they reach that level or that brain frequency. If you don’t know what happened around or become unconscious you have really reach the state of deep sleep.

Most people find it hard to sleep because their brain state is always in a state of being wide awake. To help you reach the alpha state or relaxation state you need to divert your mind, get thoughts that will get you out of the loop of spinning thoughts in your head. You can follow these tips to help you have a peaceful night sleep.
  1. Listen To Soothing Nature Sounds For Sleep – One of the best ways you can do to relax your mind is to listen to prerecorded sounds or MP3s of nature sounds like sound of rain, relaxing ocean waves, wind chime gardens and the likes. This will help to relax your mind. You need to help yourself as you listen to this sounds, you need to stop thinking of what is bothering you. 
  2. Look at Soothing Nature Photos- If you are having a stressful day or a stressful experience you can take a look at wonderful soothing nature photos. If you can afford to have a break and take a walk to enjoy nature you can do it to get instant relaxation. However every night, you can just have a collection or photo gallery of nature photos and look at them before you get to sleep.
  3. Do Some Journal Writing to Relieve Stress- This can be effective to clear out your thoughts as you write down the things that bother you. Write down your plans. Write down your experience for the day then leave them on your journal and don’t bring it to your mind as you go to sleep.
  4. Do Listen To Audiobooks- If you have collection of audiobooks, you can listen to them and enjoy the story. This will help you to divert your thoughts and be entertained by the story until your mind becomes more relax.
  5. Read Bible Verses About Worry And Anxiety –Verses in the Bible that pertains to stress and worry can help you relax and take your mind off your worries. Example of these verses include:
Be still, and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10a)
When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. (Proverbs 3:24)

     6. Christian Prayers To Clear The Mind-When our mind is too busy, prayers can really help to
clear our mind, it also gives peace in our mind and heart knowing we have ask for prayers for it before we go to sleep. One sample prayer for the night include this prayer:

Lord, it is night. The night is for stillness.
Let us be still in the presence of God.
It is night after a long day.
What has been done has been done; 
what has not been done has not been done; let it be.
The night is dark.
Let our fears of the darkness of the world and of our own lives rest in you.
The night is quiet.
Let the quietness of your peace enfold us, all dear to us, and all who have no peace.
The night heralds the dawn.
Let us look expectantly to a new day, new joys, and new possibilities.
In your name, we pray Amen.
—New Zealand Book of Common Prayer