How do you look at money? Do you see it as a big stress reliever or a big stress giver? Money can become both, a solution for stress and a source of stress. Funny how we work so hard and stress our self out just to get all those money. After that we worry where could we hide all those money and prevent them from being discovered by others.

When you have money, you can afford all the luxury in the world, best clothes, best gadgets, best entertainment, best travel- everything under the sun. When you have few money or you have run into debts and your credit cards are already complaining, you also run into a lot of trouble. How we wish money cannot give us that level of stress? How we wish that we all have the money in the world so as to avoid so much stress.

Nevertheless, whether you have more or less, money will always be a source of stress. For those who want to learn to save more money you can read this: How do I save money? Let me count the ways. 

Now is the time that we free ourselves from too much attachment with money. Let  money problem itself! You can be creative and you can be free from the stress that money can give you. Start looking if money has been a great source of stress for you right now. Do something about it, maybe you are just being materialistic, learn to live simply and appreciate simple things in life. However, don't be lazy and continue to work hard for your money and learn to spend them wisely so you won't be wasting all your effort and hard work. 

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